Episode 6

Tools for Maximizing Both the Beautiful and the Broken Parts Of Our Stories


June 10th, 2019

34 mins 9 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Today we conclude this Origins series with a look at how our past affects more than how we view ourselves and how we relate to others; it also colors our experience with God.

Discussion Questions

  1. When you think of different attributes of God, which one(s) resonate most with you? Are they positive or negative?

  2. We talked about four places we can get curious, to identify where our lenses of God might be distorted:

  3. What did it take to gain approval in your family?

  4. What characteristics of God most resonate with you—and which ones do you resist?

  5. How do you view your father (or primary parent)?

  6. And how did you best receive healthy love as a child?
    Of these four places to get curious, which would be most helpful for you in this season?

  7. What faulty assumptions might you be making about God—or your relationship with God? What’s one mantra you can claim to replace that faulty assumption?

  8. What is one practice you can engage in this week to help you view God through undistorted lenses?