Episode 4

Healing the Negative Inputs in Our Stories


May 29th, 2019

34 mins 16 secs

Season 1

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Today’s topic is fascinating: We’re talking about the challenging parts of our stories—how each of us, even from the best of families, picked up a few painful or wounding “inputs” along the way. And how we can look inward, outward, and upward to spot those negative inputs that can show up in our relationships.

Discussion Questions

  1. How do you respond to the invitation to be kind to yourself in your story? Is that difficult or unnatural for you? Or is it easy? Why?
  2. What roles or patterns come to mind that you picked up as a child that you need to shed in adulthood because they no longer serve you?
  3. How do your negative beliefs about yourself show up in your relationships?
  4. What message or mantra can you replace them with that will rewrite a better plot for you?